Coronavirus helps teamViewer revenue growth

German software company TeamViewer has revealed that it is experiencing additional demand for its communication services due to the coronavirus outbreak, where it expects revenue and core profits to grow by about a third this year, with TeamViewer essentially providing users with remote access and control of computers. .

According to The Indian TOI website, TeamViewer now offers a service known as “anytime, anywhere”, which allows login and remote operation, which has seen an increase in demand in China, where the Corona virus was first detected and has the greatest impact.

CEO Oliver Steele told reporters after TeamViewer announced strong fourth-quarter results and confirmed its 2020 forecast when it was launched in September. To turn heavy users into paid subscribers, marketing in China has nevertheless been suspended out of respect for the difficult position of many companies and people there.

TeamViewer provides secure remote access, support, remote controls and collaboration tools, and is installed on more than 2 billion devices, where there are up to 45 million connected to the Internet at any given moment, and targets TeamViewer, currently listed in the stock indices of top companies Average money and technical shares in Frankfurt, 2020 bills worth 430 million to 440 million euros ($471 million – $482 million), representing an annual growth of 34%.

The company, based in The City of Jubengen, said that underlying earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation are expected to grow at a similar pace of between 240 million and 250 million euros, and added the September list, which estimates the value of TeamViewer at 5.25 billion euros, a rare technology company to the market in Frankfurt is full of industrial stocks and cars.

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